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we all deserve a second chance
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That is a loaded statement, one with many facets and biting tentacles. Without getting deep into societies ills, my concept is one of renewal, an opportunity to start over afresh. This site is focused on my personal journey of getting a second chance to do something I have always wanted to do (photographing Colorado landscapes), but life got in the way. I do not believe I am alone in this feeling.
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My camera is with me constantly, bringing new Colorado landscape photo opportunities that I will share here.

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If you would like to purchase any of my photographs, you can find information about prints, purchasing and shipping here.

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2013 is bringing a bit of a redirection for me. I have been spending more time on my new photography venture - life legacy photography than I have been shooting Colorado images. I am becoming a Pinterest user now!.

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Chris Wells biography
I am so thankful for the opportunity to have a second chance . . .

Chris Wells

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It is far more than point and shoot, learning to see . . . I look at everything differently now because of my newfound passion.

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One of my inspirations for landscape photography has been John Fielder. His work is phenomenal.

After finding my camera on, I got some wonderful intial direction from Alexis Clement my photography instructor at Red Rocks Community College.

Art that I fell in love with on first site, Lori Salisbury Gallery.

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